Classroom Use

EdUGames in the Classroom

a White Paper by Pete Antoniak

EdUGames was originally developed as a stand alone game, however it also can be used as an interactive classroom tool.   This white paper describes how that that can be done.

The Classroom Environment

The classroom would have a computer at each student's desk and one at the teacher's desk.  An additional monitor in front of the classroom may also be used.  All the computers would be connected wirelessly.

The Software

Each student computer would be able to run Java.

The Process

The process would apply to interactive teaching styles where the teacher would usually asks the student to answer questions by a show of hands.  Instead of having a single student answer the question, the teacher would have each student respond to the question at their computer.  The server software would summarize the results and display them to the teacher who may optionally display on the monitor in the front of the classroom.  All interactions would be recorded and may become part of the student's classroom attendances grade.

At both the beginning and the end of a teaching module, a teacher may have the students take a test on the computer and compare results.

The Benefits

This above process engages all the students and not just the select few that always are raising their hands and volunteering the answers.  The teacher has a record of student classroom interaction which can be used to explain poor performance or attitude to a parent. 

The Costs

The assumptions are that computer cost  will continue to drop to the point that an economical Student Lap Top will evolve.  This is presently the case in most Colleges and in many High Schools.  There are already special limited wireless input devices for this kind of classroom session being made.  See [Link].

The Wireless technology is already here.  Al that is now necessary is to find a demonstration site.