Q What computer does EdUGames run on?

A EdUGames is written in a programming language called Java and can be played on any Internet Browser that runs Java. You do not need to buy EdUGames or download anything to your computer. You just go to the EdUGames web site and play the game.

Q What is the best browser to run EdUGames on?

A We recommend Firefox on Windows machines and Safari on the Mac

Q How do I know if my Internet Browser has Java?

A There is a Java Test button at Play The Game.

Q How do I get Java?

A Java is free from Sun Computer for Windows/ Linux, and from Apple for the Mac.  



Q What does EdUGames cost?

A We plan to always make it available free for public schools.  For now it's free on home computers, but some time in the future will plan to require a small subscription.  It is available to businesses for a license fee.

Q What is the age level of EdUGames?

A Think of the target market for Jeopardy and Trivia Pursuit. In order to play, a person must be able to read and understand basic things about how the world works.  This is problematic for kids below the 4th or 5th grade. This is not a game for your little kid.  This is more for adults and teenagers.

Q What is the fastest way to learn EdUGames?

A Play it.

Q Don't I need to read a manual or something?

A Most of the games are simple and intuitive. Each game has its own Help and Example screens which are available from the Help tab.

Q Can I play alone or do I need to play against someone?

A You can play alone just like a cross word puzzle. You can also play against up to nine other players or teams.  However, we recommend that you limit play to three or less players of teams, just like Trivia Pursuit.

Q Can I create my own questions?

A Yes and No. We have created browser based Authoring Tools.  But the process of creating and validation the question material is not simple and requires some instructions.  We are reserving it at the present time to Staff People and certified Authors.  You may, however, request to become a Cyber Researcher or Author and participate in the process.

Q Cyber Researcher or Author?

A Check out our explanation of all this in our Business Plan. In summary, as an Author, you will get Recognition and eventually Royalties the revenue plans kicks in.  As a Researcher, we pay you directly for your contribution, but you may still receive recognition as the creator of the material. The Business plan leads to a more detailed explanation, including contract forms and Requests for Proposals etc.

Q What are the types of Assignments?

A There are four type of Assignment: Researcher * Research Associate * Author * Volunteer

Q What are some examples of Research Assignments [RA]?

A locating things on maps, compiling lists, proof reading, creating maps, creating diagrams, locating things on diagrams, cropping, modifying and reducing colors in images, compiling questions, categorizing question material by age and subject area, scanning lists, cleaning up errors in scanned lists etc. An RA may still get recognition for work, only the compensation is immediate with Royalties going to EdUGames.

Q How old do you have to be to do an Assignment?

A Old enough to complete the assignment. If you are under 18, we require you parent or guardian to also sign the contract.

Q What type of equipment do I need to complete a Research Assignment?

A First, you need a computer. It can be an PC or Mac. Second, you need a word processor and spreadsheet program. We recommend Microsoft Word and Excel.   If you want to work with images, you will need a Paint program.  

Q What does a Research Associate do?

A Whereas a Researcher takes on specific Assignments, a Research Associate takes on Specific responsibilities such as Contract Administration, Director of Program or Volunteer Development etc. A Research Associate is long term and will grow with the company.

Q How much money can I make as a Researcher?

A It depends on the bid you submit on the Assignment page.

Q What's the difference between a Researcher and an Author?

A Both may actually do the same thing, the Researcher does it for money up front and an Author does it for Royalties.

Q You mentioned Royalties.  What is the Royalty Rate?

A We set aside 15% of all revenues generated for Royalties, 12% to content owners and 3% to Game Masters.  If you create Questions, or contribute a map or drawing, you are a content owner. The Game Masters pulls it all together and makes sure it works by assembling Rounds into Sets.   How each part contributes to the whole is contained in the Royalty Formulas which is made part of the Author Contract.

Q Will I make a lot of money as an Author?

A Well don't give up your day job just yet. Before we can send you Royalty money, we must make it first. As we stated above, the present game is free. That's because just about everything on the Internet is presently free. We are working on some creative revenue models, but they are all long term. We can offer you recognition. A player can check the authorship of any Round, so you could get recognition.

The advantage to getting on board early is that, not only will you make Royalties longer, but you may be able to corner a particular subject area. The creator of EdUGames wrote computer books some years ago and after all was said and done, never broke minimum wage. However he once met a teacher at a CUE Conference who said she had made over $500 a month for many years for a class room grading template she created for a Heizer Catalog when Heizer software first got started.  You are taking a risk and should be happy with the other things you get as an Author such as recognition and the fun of creating something that displays your creativity. Consider the money as gravy for the time being. 

Q What are the other things I can get as an Author?

A We can offer Recognition and involvement in a world changing activity.

Q Can an organization, like a School or Class contribute material?

A Yes, and Royalties or Contract payments can go to a School recreation fund or a charity. A teacher can organize a project to create material to cover a specific topic, like the History of the California Missions etc.

Q I don't think I can just step up and create material, didn't you say it was complex?

A Yes, but each part is simple and an Assignment is just a part of a bigger complex process. People like Project Managers and Technical Managers handle the complexities. You can take on RA Assignments in anticipation of becoming an Author. You can start out as an Volunteer, do some Research Assignments and then submit a proposal to be an Author. If you are good, you might become a Project or Technical Manager and earn Royalty Credits for each Author working for you. For more details see the Royalty Formulas page.

Q Tell me about being an Volunteer?

A If you want to master a computer related skill, let us know by completing the Volunteer Application form. We will attempt to match it up with fulfilling worth wile Assignments which we both must agree to.  When you have completed the Assignments list, we can verify your progress to a third party such as a school or potential employer if you want.

Q How do I know you will not rip me off?

A We are here for the long term. It is in our best interests to have a lot of satisfied customers and contributors. We want you to make money. Remember, as Authors and Game masters, you make 15%, but we make the other 85%. We maintain an audit trail between revenue and the Rounds that generated it. Remember the 15 % is off the top, so we can't play accounting games like they do in the movie industry.

Q What about a disagreement?

A As stated in the Contract Documents, we are covered by binding arbitration over the Internet.

Q Anything else I can read about before I get involved?

A We suggest you start with the Introduction to the CyberOrg and the Business Plan