Privacy Statement

Our Statement of Privacy

We will not sell or give out your email address to anyone without your permission. We will not send you email, other than the minimum required to confirm and continue your relationship with us.

We want you to feel free to play the games and not worry that someone is monitoring what you know or don't know and will tell the world that you maybe aren't as smart as you think.

Therefore unless you become a member of our CyberOrganization*, we want you to be able to feel as anonymous as possible. We do not want to know your address or phone number for instance.  Your country or zip code is to help us with your pass word.

We will however, track statistical data on what category of person does well with what material and what subject areas are allied so we can improve our product and define competition categories.

We may in the future, set up a program to provide continuity between sessions, so you don't keep getting the same material or can elect to get continually challenging material based on how well you do over time.  This requires that we track iCodes.  We will inform you and get your permission first.

If you take part in competitions, our Schools Program, or want to become part of our CyberOrganization as an
Author or Game Master for instance, we may ask for more information.  We can't mail you a check unless we know your address.

In Return we ask that you complete the registration forms honestly.

We hope you enjoy playing EdUGames.

Pete Antoniak
CEO, EdUGames