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In Game C, Players are challenged to place multiple items into their  proper categories. A unique scoring system awards depth of knowledge and risk taking.  Players are not evaluated until they click on the Check button to the lop left of the screen. The point award displayed just below it starts at 0 and increases as the power of the number of items moved.  If all of the items recently moved are correct, the point award is added to the player's score, the point award is reset to 0 and the player my continue.  However,  If any recently moved  item is incorrectly placed, ALL the recently moved items are returned to the left and the player looses his/her turn.  The program does not tell the players which ones were incorrect.

In the image below, the players are challenged to place the European cities into their respective countries.  To move an item, place the mouse pointer over it, hold down the mouse button and move it.   


In the screen on the left, the players are challenged to place the country by the ocean it borders. The countries 

In the image below, Peter has placed 4 cities into three countries and the potential point award sits at 18 points.

In the image below, Peter has checked the button.  He was awarded 18 points as indicated to the right of his name and has continued by placing three more cities.  However, one of them [Dublin] is incorrectly placed.  Note that the program allows him to place items incorrectly.  It only evaluates placements when the Check button is pressed.

In the next image, Peter had checked the button and because of the incorrect placement of Dublin, lost his turn. Dublin as well as the other cities recently placed were returned to the left and Paul has placed his selections as shown.  The game will continue until all the cities are correctly placed or each player has had two turns.

Note to Authors: Game C lends itself to situations where there are multiple items per category. The maximum number of categories is 8 and the maximum number of item that can be displayed  is 27, but the Author indicates the number of items that will be displayed.  The Author can create a larger list of items then will be displayed, in which case the program will select a smaller set of item at random from the larger list.  This allows for a different game each time it is played.

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