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Players are challenged to guess a date by moving sets of arrows along a time line. The closest player to the right answer wins.  The point award is a function of how much closer the winning player is to the correct location than the others.  Once a player has pressed the pointer to the screen, the play is in motion and will stop when he/she lets up on the mouse.  To select a specific month/day, start by moving the pointer to the year and while keeping the mouse pressed bring the pointer down to the month/day line.  Move the pointer right or left until the desired date appears just under the Next Game button at the top left of the screen.

In the image below, the players are challenged to guess the date that the person in the image died.  Note the three colored arrows just to the left of and below 1920.  Note the black month/day arrow below that.  

In the image below, each of the players has made a selection and the program has shown the results.  Mary won this one and was awarded 27 points because she was closer to the correct answer than the others.   Note that if a player did not elect to use the month/date line, the program will default to the 15th of the month selected in the year line. 

For those who are interested, the point award is the (((the average distance of the other players are to right answer) divided by (distance the closest players is to the right answer)) squared ) and them multiplied by the number of players. The maximum point award, however, can not exceed the number in the point award box which is usually 100 points.   There may be cases where the winner gets less.
Note to Authors: Game D can address any question in which the answer is a specific day later than 1700. The bottom Day/Month  line allows for fine tuning to a specific day in the year.  For dates prior to 1700, it is suggested that you ask to indicate only the year and use Game N  (Guess the Number) .

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