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In Game E, players are challenged to select one item in each horizontal row of items.  The challenge usually is to pick the item that has an attribute different from the others in the row.

In the image below, the players are asked to select the item in each horizontal row that does not match the other items in the same row. The first selection is worth 3 points.

In the image below Peter has selected "The Great Wall of China" in the third row and was awarded 3 points.  The third row was removed and the next selection is worth 6 points.

In the next image, Peter had made in incorrect selection and had lost his turn, Paul had made one correct selection and then lost his turn and Mary is not about to make her selection.  The game will continue until all the rows have been removed, or each player has had two turns.

Note to Authors: Game E is actually a lot more difficult than most of the other text box games because a whole row of material must be evaluated to determine what the two attributes are, and then which one is only represented by a single entry.

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