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In Game F, individual images are displayed as if they were in a Film Clip. Each player in turn can advance the film clip one frame and tries to guess what is being shown. It can be images of a city or parts of a famous place.  It could be a famous structure like the Lincoln Monument in which the players see a knee, a foot, part of a building, part of an inscription etc. until the whole statue is shown.  

When the player thinks he knows the answer, he should click on the first letter of the last name in the Alpha Bar just under the player names at the top of the screen.  Note: Each player can increase film clip by one frame and then must either select an answer or click on the Next Player button.  To prevent random guessing, if a player get a wrong answer, and eventually get it right, the point award will be halved for each wrong answer.

Below, the first image is showing and the point award is 100 points.  It is Peter's turn.

In the second image, Peter has pressed the Add Image button which forwards the frame to the image you see below and changes the Add Image button to Go to Next Player.  The potential point award has been reduced to 94 points.

Paul adds one more image and the point award goes to 89 points.

It it Mary's turn and Mary has elected to answer the question.  She has pressed "L" on the Alpha Bar and the Answer Dialog has appeared with a list of all the answers that start with the letter "L".  She has selected Lincoln-Memorial and is about to press the "OK" button.

Note to Authors: Game F has many possible uses. It allows the Round Author to become very inventive in the type of images shown. Showing a well known object from many different angles is a good example. Another possible Round might be a scientific experiment showing the parts, or the results and asking the question what is going on.

The Round is over and Mary has been awarded 83 points.  

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