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In Game I, players are presented with an image that is hidden in various ways. Each player in turn may show a little more of the image and try to guess its identity. There are three different ways to show more of the image: 

  • The players select the part to be uncovered
  • The part is selected at random
  • The Round Author sequences the selection

The type of selection is determined by the Round Author when the Round is created.  In addition to the image, hints may be displayed above the image as the Round progresses.  This is at the discretion of  the Round Author.

In the image below, the players are asked to identify an American Monument for 100 points.  The Monument is all covered up by a black screen.  It is Peter's turn.

Peter starts off by clicking on the middle of the black area and the first part of an image appears.  It looks like part of a mouth.  Note that the points also decreased to 97 when he did this.

Peter and then Paul have clicked on more parts of the image.  The points stand at 92.

It's Mary's turn and she thinks she knows the  answer.  She clicks on the "R" in the Alpha Bar and a dialog box with all the possible selections that start with "R" appear.  She selects Rushmore-Mt.

Mary is the winner and is awarded with 87 points.

The image below shows another type of Game I, in this one, a picture is obscured by a blind effect and the players effect it's showing by pressing the Show More button.  

In the next image, more of the picture is showing.  You might be able to recognize it.

More is now showing.

Peter has elected to choose "Iwo Jima-Memorial" as an answer.

In the below, image, the challenge is to guess the name of the city from a map that is obscured by blank areas that the author has placed on it.

In the next image, enough of the blocks have removed to allow a player to select an answer.

The correct answer has been selected and 56 points awarded to Peter.

Note to Authors: As has been noted with other games, the images are kept in the Resource Library and are available to all the Game screens. You decide how to display the image and what hints to use. 

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