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In Game J, something is presented to the players for a short amount of time. It could be an image, text, a sound byte or video clip. After seeing it, a question is posed to all the players, just like in Game G.  Each player in turn should click on the appropriate answer to the question.

In the image below, we see the first screen you will probably always see for Game J. An instruction to Click a panel.

In the next image, a player has clicked the button and an image of a building appears for a limited time.

The above process may happen multiple times.  The same or different things may appear, a sound byte or music may play, or you might see a video.  In the image below, the last display has occurred and the players are challenged to name the building that they just saw.

In the last image, all the players have answered the question, and there is a tie between Paul and Mary for an award of 50 points each.

Note to Authors: Game J helps pick up the pace by adding the element of the count-down-clock. It also allows for the introduction of simpler material, which would not be challenging but for the time constraints. The format of the questions is almost identical to Game G in that the answers are in the text boxes on the left.

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