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In Game K, a question is posed in which the answer is one or more different types of multimedia resources.  It recognizes the fact that different people learn and retain knowledge in different ways.   The Round Author is free to display any type of resource on the screen, from text to sound bytes and video clips. 

In the image below, there are four pictures of US Leaders.  The question is which three have been US Senators.

In the next image, all the players have selected three images each, but only Peter selected the correct three and is awarded the 100 points, even thought the others had each gotten two of the three correct.

Note to Authors: Game K is different from Game H, which also uses may different resources. In Game K, the resources ARE the answer (s). In Game H, we can use multiple resources, but we are asking a question in which the resources are hints and the answer comes from the Alphabet Dialog Box. This is another ripe area for Round Authors to be creative.

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