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In Game L, players are challenged to locate a spot on a map or diagram. The nearest player wins.   The score is a function of how much closer the winner is than the average of the other players.

In the first image, the players are shown a picture of a man in uniform and a map.  They are asked to locate the spot on the map where he "Made the biggest mistake of his life".  The award is worth 100 points and Peter is first.  Each player in turn will now click on their chosen location.

In the next image, the players have choosen various locations on the map, the program has evaluated the play and awarded 17 points to Mary, who was 224 miles from the correct location.  If the other players were further away, or she was closer, she would have been awarded more.  See the explanation below.

The point award is the (((the average distance of the other players are to the correct location) divided by (distance the closets players is to the correct location)) squared ) and them multiplied by the number of players. The maximum point award however can not exceed the number in the point award box. In this case the formula evaluated to above 16 points so Pete got 16 points. There are many cases where the winner gets a lot less.
Note To Authors: Game L can address any question where the answer is a location on a map, drawing, image or diagram. Example: Where is the tip of the appendix on a diagram of the human body? The map or diagram can be as big as the world or as small as a computer chip, human cell or atom. The question can include a sound byte, video clip or picture, as in the above example. Or it can just ask a question without using any resources.

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