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In Game M, players select sets of paired text blocks by clicking on them in turn. The pairs might be a Capital and its Country, or an Author and his/her Work.  As they are paired correctly, they disappear, the player is awarded points and the point award increased for the next correct match.

In the below image, the players are challenged to match Homonyms.  [Words that sound alike, but have different spellings and different meanings.]

Peter has made 3 matches and they have been removed.  His point total has been increased to 12 and the next match is worth 8 points.

In the next image, Peter has made an incorrect match and has lost his turn.  The removed matches have been replaced and the point award reset to 2 points.

Note to Authors: Some examples of matches are: Words and their Meaning, Authors and their Works, Countries and their Capitals, Bible Father-Sons, Actors-Movie, President-Vice president, Foreign word-Domestic word, Synonyms, Equal values, Similar meanings, Opposite meanings, Hero-heroine, Animal and their young, Animal male-female names, Verb-adverb pairs, Noun- adjectives pairs and a whole host of ESL possibilities.

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