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In Game N, players are challenged to guess a number by moving sets of arrows along a ruler line. The closest player wins. The question can be any type of question in which the answer is numeric.

In the image below, the players are challenged to come up with the number of American that are struck by lightning in an average year.  Remember, a player does not have to be correct to win, only closer than the others.

In the image below, each player has selected a location on the number line and the program has evaluated the choices and determined the winner who was Paul with a choice of 323.  Because he was soo much closer than the other players, he got the full 100 points. 

NOTE: The point award is the (((the average distance of the other players are to the right answer) divided by (distance the closest players is to the the right answer)) squared ) and them multiplied by the number of players. The maximum point award however can not exceed the number in the point award box. In this case the formula evaluated to above 25 points so Doug got 25 points. There are many cases where the winner gets a lot less.
Note to Authors: This game can be used wherever the answer is a number. This works especially well with statistics and the results of surveys.

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