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In Game P, the players are challenged to pick a small number of items from a large list. A unique scoring system awards both depth of knowledge and risk taking.  Players are not evaluated until they click on the Check button to the top left of the screen. The point award displayed just below it starts at 0 and increases as the power of the number of items selected.  If all of the items selected are correct, the point award is added to the player's score, the point award is reset to 0 and the player my continue.  However,  If any selected  item is incorrect, ALL the recently selected items are reset and the player looses his/her turn.  The program does not tell the players which ones were incorrect.

In the image below, the players are challenged to select the American Military Leaders from the 21 leaders displayed.  

In the image below, Peter has selected 4 leaders, the potential score is 26 points and he is about to check his progress.  [Note: Marquis de Lafayette is French, although he played a part in the American Revolution, he remained French and went back to France after the war, so his selection is incorrect. ]

In the image below, Peter had lost his turn, Paul had tried his turn and lost and it is not Mary's turn. She has selected three leaders so far for 13 points. 

In the next image, Mary had check her progress, the three leader's boxes were removed and she had scored 13 points.  She has now selected two more leaders for a potential score of 5 points.

In the last image, the Game is over with  Peter having  scored 26 points and Mary 13.  The Game is over when all the items are correctly selected, or each player has had two turns.

Note to Authors: Game P can be used in any situation where the Round Author want the players to pick things out from a group. As is the case in all the text box type games, the number of rows and columns are the option of the Author. The range goes from 2 rows by 2 columns to 10 rows by 5 columns. The size of the text in the boxes is adjusted by the Author to fit.

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