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In Game Q, players select questions by clicking on a question box on the left and then the appropriate answers by clicking on the images or buttons on the right. The answers, which center around themes like States or Presidents, do not change as the questions are cycled through. This has many advantages over multiple guess questions in that much less time is spent looking for the answers. The answers are presented in such a way as to be easy to get to and their locations become familiar.

Another advantage of this type of play is that the players get to choose the question from a list of questions so the possibility of at least one correct answer in a round is increased. This is important for slow learners and people with low self esteem. This also has the positive effect of allowing all the players to play with the same material. As one player is answering questions, the next is looking for the questions he can answer when it is his/her turn.

If a players misses an answer or runs out of time, he looses his turn, all the questions are moved up with the top question being flushed out. Previously answered questions in the column of question boxes are filled in with more questions.

In the image below, players are challenged to answer questions about 20 popular US Presidents.  The point award for the first question is 1 point.  Peter has selected the question "Which president resigned?" and is about to click on Nixon.

In the image below, Peter has been awarded a point for selecting Nixon and has now selected the question "Which president was a movie actor?".  The potential point award is not 4 points.

In the image below, players are challenged to answer questions about chemistry.  Note that the answers are arranged in the Periodic Table of Elements.  Peter has selected the question "Water is composed of what two elements?" and has already select Hydrogen [Note it is grayed out] and is about to select "O" for Oxygen.  In as much as this is a two answer question, he will receive two points.  It is therefore sometimes best to answer this type of question when the point award is higher. 

The Image below show another answer template, this one, of the US cities along with questions of which the city names are the answers.

Note to Authors: Game Q lends itself to a lot of creativity on the part of Round Authors.  A Round for Game Q can consist of a few button type answers and questions about some obscure subject, or reference multiple images and ask multi-part questions.

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