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In Game R, players are challenged to answer rows of traditional multiple choice type questions. When a question is correctly answered, it disappears.  This Type game is an exception to the general rule of trying to prevent the tedium of multiple choice questions, but we included it to allow Round Authors the full range of expression.   It is important to keep the answers short and simple.

In the below image, the players are challenged to answer multiple choice questions.  Just click on the correct answer in each horizontal row. 

In the image below, Peter has clicked on two of the answers for 19 points.  The next correct answer will net 14 points.

In the next image, Peter has selected an incorrect answer and lost is turn.  The empty spaces have been replaced with new questions and the point award is set to 3.

Note to Authors: Game R can be useful in picking up a lot of material in a subject area that just doesn't lend itself to the other games. The number of answers can vary from two to four, and the size of the text boxes is adjusted to fit the text.

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