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In Game U, players click on matching sets of text blocks, in order from left to right. The blocks may contain popular sayings, names of famous people, or any other matching sets of text.

In the image below, Paul has selected "A thing of beauty" in the first column and "us a joy" in the second.  The potential point award is 3 points and he is about to select "forever" in the third column.

In the next image, Paul has completed the above referenced selection and they were removed, he was awarded 3 points and has now selected two more boxes.  He is about to select "thine eyes" for 6 more points.

In this next image, Paul now has 9 points and has selected two more items.

In this last image, Paul made in incorrect choice and its is not Mary's turn.  The point award is back to 3 points and she has selected "In the Spring" in the first column.

Note to Authors: The Round Author has up to 5 columns and 10 rows to use. Some possibilities are matching a City, a Country and a Continent; A Fictional Character with its Book and Author; The First, Middle and Last name of famous people; famous phrases; advertising slogans, and any two, three, four or five of a kind.

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