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Copyright 2004 by Pete Antoniak
1 Sept 04

This form is for people of all ages who want to become more involved with EdUGames in any capacity. It only needs to be completed once and requires that you first complete the Basic Registration Form and get an Initial Code (iCode). We will then confirm your application by return email.

You don't have to have a PH.D. or be a Computer Programmer to work with us. We have High School Students doing research assignments and even have a Grade School Class completing a assignment on the New England States. You can also designate any money to go to charity if you want, or if you are a teacher and worry about a conflict of interest, you can temporary assign royalties to charity or the School Computer Fund while you teach and reassign them when you leave.

So sign up now, it only takes a minute. This does not obligate you to anything until you accept an assignment.

And Oh Yes!!, don't give up your day job just yet.

What is your iCode?: (If you don't have it yet, apply for it at Registration )


and your Pass Word If you forgot it try Pass Word Hint.

Are you : A Person A Legal Organization (School, Company etc.) An informal group (Class, Club etc.)
NOTE: If you sign up as an informal group, we can only send any money received to charity. See below.

Age if under 18:

Send checks to me.
I don't want your stinking money!! Send it in my name to the following charity:

The following is important because we will use it to pay you, and if you are in the US and the total exceeds $600.00 a year, report your earnings to the IRS. (As much as we all hate it)

Phone Number*:
PO Box Mail-Stop etc.:
City*: State/Prov. Code Letters*: Postal (Zip) Code*:


Complete only if you Do Not live in the United States or North America
Country Continent

Your input in this section will help us to meet your expectations or explain why we can't.

How would you best classify your situation?

Student Freelancer Working Person Married to Working Person Retired

Your motivations for wanting to work with us:





Don't yet know

Have Fun

Learn Something

Receive Recognition

Spending Money

Make a Living

Get Rich

The EdUGames Dictionary of Terms defines terms that we might use though out these web pages.

In addition, a short description of Researcher, Research Associate (RA), Author, Volunteer and Game Master can be found on the document Introduction to EdUGames Membership

The following contract document are available online for you to read:


Remember, when you accept an assignment you agree to the applicable contract provisions, so be sure to read them before you accept an assignment.

First some background Information:

Your Internet access:
Type of Computer System you use:
Name of Spreadsheet program you will use (if applicable):
Name of Word Processor you use (if applicable):

Name of Paint/Drawing Program you use (if applicable):
Computer languages you know well enough to want to take on an assignment:
Excel Visual Basic for Applications

If you teach...: the subject(s):

Anything else you would like us to know about you:


IMPORTANT: The next six sections go into detail as to the type of assignments you would like. You only need to complete the ones you are interested in. Check the types of assignments you would like. Then skip to the applicable detailed information by clicking on the HyperLinked word. You can then return to this section and press Submit.

Researcher (Does basic research like completing tables, locating points on maps etc.)
Research Associate (RA) (Manages Libraries, write Project Descriptions etc...)
Author (Creates question material, drawings, etc. for royalties.)
Volunteer (Take on assignments and help test material in return for the fun of it.)
Game Master (Create Sets for others to play.)

Please accept my application to become part of the EdUGames Cyber Organization. I understand that I am under no obligation until I accept an assignment. I will read the applicable contract documents and agree to be covered by their provisions when accepting an assignment.


Remember, Do not click on the above button until you have completed the detailed information section for the assignment you want.


If you checked Researcher, type of Research Assignments you would like:

Complete Tables of Information
Locate Places on Maps
Take Pictures of Famous Places
Scan Images and Text
Create Drawing, Maps and Work with Images
Create Question Lists
Surf the Internet for Public Domain Resources
Proof Text and Quality Assurance Work
Test Programs and Content Material

Return to the Assignment and Submit Section


End of Researcher Section


If you checked Research Associate, the type of RA work you would like to do:

Manage Libraries and Databases
Program or Project Manager
Contracts Administrator
Programmer (Java or PERL)
Email Reviewer
Order Fulfiller
General Admin.
Review and Quality Assurance Work

Return to the Assignment and Submit Section


End of Research Associate Section


If you checked Author, what type of material you would like to author?

Complex Question material for Games like L, P and Y.
Really Thought Provoking Questions with Rich Documentation
Drawings and Diagrams
Famous Photos
I own or have access to historic archives of Images, Video Clips or Sound bytes
Subject Area I would like to Author material on:


Return to the Assignment and Submit Section


End of Author Section


If you checked Volunteer and want to Test Material, please indicate the type of material you would like to test.

Levels: Gd. 1-3 Gd. 4-6 Gd. 7-8 High School CollegeTrade School Industry Special Ed.

Subject Areas:
Engineering and Physics
Social Studies
Current Events
The Arts
General Trivia
Non English Language:



Return to the Assignment and Submit Section

End of Volunteer Tester Section



If you checked Game Master, please indicate the area you would like to cover:
An Educational Subject like Calif. 4th Gd. History-Specify:
A Historic Subject like WWII, The 60s etc. -Specify:
A Sport like Baseball, Football etc. -Specify:
A Famous Person like Elvis,FDR etc. -Specify:
Current Events like "This Week in Wash DC" -Specify:
Current Events tied to a magazine like "Time" -Specify:
TV News & Documentaries like "The Civil War" -Specify:
A Ongoing Production like Star Trek, ER, a Soap Opera--Specify:
A Trivia Topic like Broadway Plays, Movies etc.--Specify:
A Geographic area like California, France etc. --Specify:
A College Major like Law, Medicine, Engineering --Specify:
A Trade like Truck Driving, Plumbing, Carpentry --Specify:
License Exams like Driver's license, Barber's License --Specify:
Other Areas not covered above. --Specify:

Return to the Assignment and Submit Section

End of Game Master Section


If you checked Volunteer And want to Learn a Skill, Please complete the following;

This aspect of the Volunteer concept can match up Volunteer, who want skills and are interested in learning by doing, with EdUGames, which has things to be done and is willing to help train Volunteer to do it. The basis of the EdUGames-Volunteer relationship is a negotiated agreement which matches an Assignment List with the Volunteer's learning goals.

This type of special agreement is not to be taken lightly. If a Volunteer who takes on an assignment fails to complete the agreement, he or she may be barred from any further association with EdUGames.

Please give us an indication of what you would like to achieve with the type of agreement. You may want to learn how to create tables using spreadsheets, drawings using a paint program, or everything you need to know to be an EdUGames Author. The process starts here.

First, please rate you Present Computer Proficiency.

From Novice
Total novice, can't even copy a file from a floppy to a hard disk.
I understand how to get around, but that's about it.
I know word processing and spreadsheets and that's about it.
I've been in it for a few years and an reasonably familiar with computers.
I'm good at it. I know a lot of programs, but want to get better.
I'm very good at it and want to learn how to create good content material.
To Expert

List anything else you might want to say about your computer proficiency in the space below.

A measure of Your Commitment

How many working hours are you willing to spend in reaching your goals?

How many weeks do you think this will take?

Can you come to San Bruno, California for training?

We are going to ask you to select things that you want to achieve in the below listed areas. You can skip to an area by clicking on the HyperLink.


General Computer Proficiency in the area of :

The Operating System
Word Processors
Paint Programs
Video Editing Program
Sound Editing Program
HyperCard Scripting
Oracle Media Objects Scripting
Mapping Programs
Surfing the Internet
Working with Email
Working with Accounting Programs
Web Page Design
Web Mastering

General Business Proficiency in the area of:

Accounting and Finance
Business Correspondence
Project Management
Program Management
Managing People
Customer Relations
Mail Order Fulfillment
Email management
CD-ROM Production
Floppy Duplication
Package Design
Brochure Design

Proficiency with the following EdUGames *Research Tools:

Location Tools
Diagram Tool
Cataloging and Matching Tool
Question Creation Tool
Music Tool
Video Tools
Sound Byte Tool

*A Description of each Tool can be found in Tool Descriptions.

Research Associate Responsibilities you want to be able to handle:

Database Manager
Resource Library Manager
Contract Page Manager
Email Manager
Project Manager
Program Manager

Author Capabilities you want to have:

EdUGames Rounds Author
EdUGames Resource Provider
EdUGames Game Master

Please list any Other Goals you may have in the text box below:

If this is part of a School Program:

The name of the School:
and Class
Teacher/Advisor name
and email Address:
Class requirement date for completing a special learning assignment:

And lastly, any Other Comments or requests you want to make:

I understand that Volunteer agreements are covered by the
Volunteer Agreement and am hereby submitting my goals. I understand that EdUGames will evaluate my goals and, if it can be worked out, create a Assignment list which will be returned for my approval.

Return to the Assignment and Submit Section

End of Special Volunteer Section


If you have questions, send Mail to :

End of Contractor Application. To submit the information Return to the Assignment and Submit Section