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You interact with us through forms and we have a lot of them.  Below is a list of forms along with a description and a link.  Have fun.

Player Registration is required if you want to play Sets.  If all you do is browse, then you never have to register, although we may change that policy in the future.  You may  want to get your iCode now while the number are low.  We only ask you for a few items and if you are concerned, check out our Privacy Statement.

The CyberCummunity application is needed if you want to participate as a Volunteer, Contractor or Content Provider.  We will need your iCode, so you must have registered as a player first.

Teacher Registration is tied into the Schools Program.   If you are a teacher and want to be able to create Teacher Sets, then you must first register as a player (iCode) then as a teacher, which is free.  You then must register your school (free) so we will have a place to put your Teacher Site and then apply for a Teacher Site which is also free.  Only the first Teacher in a school need to register the school, after that any other Teacher only need to apply for a Teacher's Site at the School Site.