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You will need an iCode (initial code) and a password. An iCode is your initials followed by a number that we give you. If you are the first FDR to sign on, your iCode will be FDR1
. If you do not have a middle initial, make one up. The password can be your favorite color, flower, song, pet name etc. Letters and numbers only, no commas etc. On acceptance of this form, we will send you an email (to confirm you have a valid email) with an instant validation number. When you return that number, you are registered.

The purpose of requesting the zip or postal code in conjunction with the Hint will allow us to help you remember your password if you forget it. If your password is "Red Roses" and they are on your bedroom wall paper, a hint might be "my bed room wall paper".

*We say almost free, because we still are requiring something from you in the way of an agreement to acknowledge our copyrights and patent claims on the program, to play honestly and fairly, to honor intellectual property laws concerning the content material and not to reverse engineer the program. You also agree to give us feedback as to how you like the program and multimedia content material.
By submitting the form below, you agree to the above paragraph.

Copyright ©1999 by Pete Antoniak-All right reserved worldwide. EdUGames is covered by US Patent # 5,456,607.

Everything with an * must be completed.

Purpose of this registion:
Basic Game Play, but I also plan to register as: Teacher Volunteer Contractor Author Game Master

Last: First: Mi: Sal.
(Your real name please. If this concerns you, see Privacy Statement below.)

We will use the initials of your name to create your three letter iCode.
(We will send a confirming email with your validation code.)
*A Pass Word: (Something simple that you can easily remember, like a pet's name, flower, poem, book or movie title etc.)
A pass word reminding hint :If you forget your pass word, we will ask for your zip or postal code and then return the above hint, if it matches.

*Zip Code: (if United States) OR Country - Postal Code: - (if not)

Education Completed to date*:

Still in School? Yes No (If Yes, we will advance you each year until out of College.)
From: (Anything you might want to add so your friends will recognize you if you get into competition, like Engineering School, IBM, or Palo Alto High)

Completing the Optional Profile will help us taylor material specifically for you. It will also allow us to show how you compare to others in the same catagory.

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By pressing the "I Agree..." button below, I agree to acknowledge the EdUGames copyrights and patent claims on the program I will be playing. I agree to play honestly and fairly, to honor intellectual property laws concerning the content material and not to reverse engineer the program. I also agree to give EdUGames feedback as to how I liked the program and the multimedia content material.

Optional Profile

The below items are optional, but will help us taylor EdUGames to your interests.
Your Age Bracket:
Male Female

Occupation, or if your are a Student, what you plan to be:
If you are a college graduate or are in college now, your college:
Graduation year:

The type of material you want to see in EdUGames:

Today' World:
Current Events People Politics Society Science Health Consumer&Business

Entertainment Arts Movies TV Pro-Sports Sports Music


Last 5 Years Last 10 Years Last 25 Years Last 50 Years Last 100 Years Prior to 1900

Great People Politics Art Music Discovery Science Wars Religion

The Academic World:
USGeography World Geography Science Math ESL PhyEd-Sports Medicine&Health Social_Studies English French Spanish German

The Arts:
Dance Music(General) Music(Classical) Movies&Plays Painting&Sculpture Literature Design


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Our Statement of Privacy

We will not sell or give out your email address to anyone without your permission. We will not send you email, other than the minimum required to confirm and continue your relationship with us.

We want you to feel free to play the games and not worry that someone is monitoring what you know or don't know and will tell the world that you maybe aren't as smart as you think.

Therefore unless you become a member of our Cyber Organization*, we want you to be able to feel as anonymous as possible. We do not want to know your address or phone number for instance. Your country or zip code is to help us with your pass word.

We will however, track statistical data on what category of person does well with what material and what subject areas are allied so we can improve our product and define competition categories.

We may in the future, set up a program to provide continuity between sessions, so you don't keep getting the same material or can elect to get continually challenging material based on how well you do over time. This requires that we track iCodes.

If you take part in competitions, our Schools Program, or want to become part of our Cyber Organization as an
Author or Game Master for instance, we may ask for more information. We can't mail you a check unless we know your address.

In Return we ask that you complete the above form honestly. If you are a College Graduate, please don't put down High School. If may make you look better when you compare yourself to other High School Graduates, but it isn't honest and it throws off our ability to correct inappropriate grade level designations. If, and when, we create competitions, we may have you verify your true education level, and you will have to come clean anyway.

Please don't create multiple iCodes. We will eventually find out and ban you from play. This is why we have come up with the Hint input field for your password. If this doesn't help you, rather than getting another iCode, please email us for your password.

That's it. Have fun.

Pete Antoniak
CEO, EdUGames

Volunteers help in spreading the Ed-U-Games concept as Testers, Coordinators and Suggesters

Cyber Organization = A
Registered Teacher, Author, Project Manager,Content Provider etc.

As a Teacher, we give you access to our Set Maker Tools and assign you your own web site on the EdUGames server. You will be able to create Sets and assign them to your Students to play. When they do, the results can be emailed back to you. This service is free to all Teachers. The progression is:
  1. Get your iCode
  2. Register as a Teacher
  3. Register your School
  4. Set up your Teacher's Web Site
  5. Create your own Teacher's Sets

For more information see: The Registered Schools Program

As an Author, you can create Rounds and they will be available for anyone to select from the Rounds DataBase. When they generate revenue, 12% (right off the top) is distributed to the people that created it. For more information, see Royalty Model. To apply as an Author, complete our Contractor Application Form (You must have an iCode first.).

Content Providers are Authors that provide the Resources needed to run EdUGames, like maps, drawings, lists etc. They also share in royalties when their content is used in a Round.

Researchers assemble basic material that eventually goes into Rounds. They are paid directly for the work they do under individual contracts.

Research Associates facilitate the smooth flow of information within the EdUGames Cyber Organization. They review applications, contracts, email etc. They can be School Coordinators, Contract Administrators, Project Managers and Supervisors as well as email reviewers.

A Game Master is assigned a web page and creates Sets for others to play. This is usually around a specific subject like Star Trek, WWII, Baseball, etc. A Game Master gets 3% of the revenue generated from his/her site, right of the top.

The Project Manager works with Authors and other content providers to create the game material. The Project Manager shares in the royalties.

Interns do tasks in return for training and possible recognition, but no money. Internship may be the first step to other positions.

Beta Testers get to play new material before if comes out.

Copyright 2004 by Peter Antoniak all rights reserved world wide.