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School registration is free and must precede the creation of any EdUGames Teacher Sites. It does not obligate your or your school to anything and can be revoked at anytime.

A School Program Coordinator (SPC) for your area will review your application and create the necessary web directories and pages on the EdUGames Server (Not a small task.) within 72 hours.

The SPC will confirm this by email along with sending you your
School GeoCode.

Fields with a
* are required

Your iCode*: and Pass Word*:
If you forgot your Pass Word we may be able to help you with Pass Word Hint.
A School Password*: (At least 4 characters)

What you want to be called

Full School Name*:
School Initials or Short Name*:
VERY IMPORTANT:This would be something that is unique to your School in Your City: (No Space or Special characters) Examples: StAgnes,KitCarson, CentralHigh,USDHS,SFHS, Lowell,BLS,OLP, etc

Who you report to

The Public School District your are in *:(Even if you are a Private or Religious School.)

Note: If a College or Institution, put the public body, like Santa Clara County, Ohio, US...

Non Public Organization (if applicable): (Like San Jose Catholic Schools)

How others can contact you

School URL: Phone Number*:

PO Box/Mail Stop..

Address 1:

Address 2*:

City*: St./Prov. *: Postal Code *:

Complete only if you Do Not live in the United States or North America
Country Continent

What you are

Funding Type*: Grades Distribution*:

Average Enrollment*: Male/Female/Coed*:

Additional Information about your School that you would like to see on your School web page:

By pressing the Submitt button below, I certify that I am a Teacher or Administrator at the above School and intend to register my School with Ed-U-Games. I understand that School Registration is free and does not oblige me or my School to anything. I understand that I may withdraw my registration at any time by email and Ed-U-Games will remove my School web pages from it's server.

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An iCode is your initials followed by a sequential number we assign you. You register for an iCode using the Game Registration Form.

A geoCode is a means of identifying a school that also carries information about its location. This will also be use to locate a web page on the EdUGames Server. For example: If you are registering University Of San Diego High School in San Diego, your school web page might end up at:

The "No" stands for North America the "US" for United States, "CA" for California etc.

The geoCode would be: No.US.CA.SanDiego.USDHS.

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