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Teacher & School Administrator Registration Form

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Purpose Of This Form: To Registering Teachers and School Administrators.

Why Register as a Teacher? You must be Registered before you can register a School or apply for a Teacher Web Site.

Requirements:You have an iCode. If you don't have an iCode, obtain one from
EdUGames Registration.

(All Fields with an * are required.)

Your iCode
Your Pass Word*:
(If you forgot your Pass Word we may be able to help you with Pass Word Hint.)

The Teacher's Web Site name will consist of your first two initials and your last name. Example: PRAntoniak.

Business Address: (Your School Office is recommended, but your Home Address is ok.)

A Phone Number*:

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Teacher Information:

If you create a teacher web Site, you

Approximate number of years you have been teaching*:

Present Teacher Status*:

Type School (if applicable)* :

Grades you teach (minimum of one)*:
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Subjects you teach (minimum of one)*:
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You can list missing Subjects, or more specific Subjects like "History-American-20th Century" below:
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What You Can Request From Us:
From time to time, we have information that you, as a Teacher, may be interested in regarding EdUGames. This may include such things as new material applicable to your subject area or grade level. Please indicate your requested level of interest below. If you don't check any boxes, you will only get the minimum email needed to maintain your status as a Registered Teacher.

Geographic Area of Interest:
My Country My State/Province My City

Subject Area of Interest:
My General Subject(s) listed above My Specific Subject(s) listed above

Grade Level of Interest:
All Grades listed above Only the First Grade listed above

Also send email on:

School Competitions:
The correlations of EdUGames Rounds to My Nation and State/Province Testing Standards.
The correlations of EdUGames Rounds to My State/Province's Curriculums and Frameworks

Any comments you may want to add to your Registration:

My Plans:

I plan to Register my School
I plan to create an EdUGames Teacher Web Site

Our Statement of Teacher Privacy

Unless authorized by you to do so: We will not give out your email or business address to anyone. We will not send you email, other than the minimum required to confirm and continue your relationship with us as a Registered Teacher.

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