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Teacher Web Site Application Form

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Purpose Of This Form: To link you as a Registered Teacher with your School and create a Teacher Web Site for you in a School subdirectory. All Site are physically located on the EdUGames Web server. Your Teacher Web Site will consist of a home page with YOUR information on it and a subdirectory for Sets.

The Teacher Web Site created will be viewable by anyone on the net. It will have a link to a list of the Sets you subsequently create along with a link to your own web site, if you so designate one. You can replace it anytime by completing another application. However, the creation and replacements are not automatic and must be approved by the School Program Coordinator (SPC) in your area which may take up to 72 hours.

The information you enter will go into a database to allow others to quickly search all Teacher Sites by Grade, Subject, geoCode etc. The Teacher Sets you create will be playable by anyone on the net, although you will not receive email notification unless the players know your iCode and so specify.

Requirements: In order to complete this form:

  1. You must have Registered as a Teacher
  2. You School Web Site must already exist on the EdUGames Web Server
  3. You must have the School Web Site Pass Word.

All Items are Required
Your iCode: (Remember, that you must first have Registered as a Teacher.)

Your Pass Word: If you forgot your Pass Word try Pass Word Hint.

Your School geoCode: (If you don't know it, See below)
Your School Pass Word: (If you don't know it, See below)

If you have a Web Page of your own that you want to link to from the EdUGames web Site, list it here. Example: (Example www.us.ca.gov/KitCarsonHighSchool/HistoryDept/Smith)

On each line in the Text Area below, please list the Grade, and breakdown the subject as shown in the example. Use a comma between each item. Example:

4,General Subjects
5,All Subjects
11,History,American,Revolutionary War
17,Science,Biology,Human,Brain,Frontal Lobe,Right,Advanced

Added Information you may want on the web page like, home room, your interests, challenge for competition etc.

I am interested in the EdUGames Competition Program.

By pressing "I Agree",  I request that EdUGames create a Teacher Web Site on the Ed-U-Games server containing the above information along with my name, school, mailing address and phone number, email except as checked.
Do not include my phone number
Do not include my mailing address

*A geoCode is a means of identifying a school that also carries information about its location. The geoCode is listed in the School home page. The geoCode is also use to locate a web page on the EdUGames Server. For example: If one is registering University Of San Diego High School in San Diego, the school web page might end up at:


The "No" stands for North America the "US" for United States, "CA" for California etc.

The geoCode would be: No.US.CA.SanDiego.USDHS.

School Registration:
If you are not sure if your School is Registered, you can check through the Schools Directories as follows:

Schools/North America
Schools/South America
Schools/Arabian Peninsula

To Register a School: School Site Registration is Free and can be accomplished by any Registered Teacher. It does not obligate you or your School to anything, save being honest about the information supplied, and can be revoked at any time by the School Contact Person. Apply at SchoolRegistration.html.

School Pass Word: The School Home Page will contain the name of the School Contact who should have the School Pass Word.

Sets: These are collections of Rounds that you put together using the Set Creation Tools that we provide. The best example would be to create a Set to cover the material covered during the school week. A Round might be a single question, or a matching list exercise depending on the Game Type.