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The programmers of Ed-U-Games have created the ability to create references to content material at many levels of detail.  A good example if Game C, where the round as a whole can have a reference, each category can have a reference and each item can have a reference.

A single Round like "When did Columbus Discover America? is really an absolute item of knowledge and it could be referenced to thousands of different sources. Do we go back to the original Captains Log? A Spanish Newspaper? The Time Magazine of the year 1492?

For the time being we are designating well know and available references like the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.  However, anything we use will become outdated in time.  In addition, a teacher might want to reference a school book or a PBS Documentary resource. We need a way to have alternative reference to material.  To this end we are looking at Internet reference sources. Perhaps this could be a company like Google. If anyone has any ideas, let us know.