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The concept of EdUGames started out many years ago when we decided to create a program that could make an interactive, competitive, knowledge game out of any material, for any age group.  The restraints we put on ourselves were that it would not require any typing and would avoid the tiresome multiple choice approach.  When we realized that we had created something that was new and unique, we patented it.  The result is EdUGames, a collection of over twenty three different multimedia rich games, each posing knowledge based material in a different way.

But we didn't stop there, with the advent of the Internet, we had an opportunity to create a world wide web based gaming system in which Authors and Editors anywhere in the world could create content material (Questions, images, sound bytes etc.) and get royalties for it when players, anywhere in the world, played it.

EdUGames requires the latest version of Java to run. If you are not sure you have an updated version of Java, please run before you continue. [NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A POPUP BLOCKER, YOU MAY HAVE TO HOLD DOWN THE CTRL KEY WHEN YOU PRESS THE BUTTON]

The below link will take you to the Directory where the Games are stored.  We use the Internet Directory Protocol to allow you to navigate.  Clicking on a ".htm" file will start the corresponding game.