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Position Description List

1. Title: Evangelist

2. Reports to: Head of Evangelism

3. Compensation: Negotiable

4. Overview: We at EdUGames believe that the EdUGames concept will make the world a better place by promoting better knowledge and understanding, by encouraging all people, not just student to think better and getting people to communicate better. The possibility of introducing competition into the academic side of schools, where it has rarely existed in the past, also has great potential. Basically the product is really something to get excited about and the role of the Evangelist is to get others excited about it.

The handbook to read to better understand the roll of Evangelist is "Selling the Dream" by Guy Kawasaki, Harper Business Publisher.

5. Requirements:
5.1 A through knowledge and understand the EdUGames Concept.
5.2 A fever and excitement about it bordering on a religious belief.
5.2 An ability to infect others with this belief.

6. Responsibilities:
6.1 Specific responsibility will be as assigned by the Head of Evangelism but may include:
6.1.1 Organizing inter and intra school contests and events around EdUGames.
6.1.2 Posting positive messages about EdUGames in appropriate news group, things like a testimonial about a WW II Edition in a news group on WW II etc.
6.1.3 Posting positive messages about EdUGames in appropriate user groups and chat rooms.
6.1.4 Writing letters to Education and Trivia Game magazine publishers about EdUGames.
6.1.5 Writing letters to TV and other media publishers about EdUGames.
6.1.6 Talking to user groups about EdUGames.