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Copyright 2005 by Pete Antoniak
1 June 2005

1. Title: Master Database Manager

2. Reports to: CEO/President

3. Compensation: Negotiable

4. Overview: The Master Database Manager Maintains the EdUGames Master Database (MDB) and supporting databases and tables. He/she is the only one who can add, delete or modify Rounds in the MDB. Reviews Rounds for conformance with format and syntax.

5. Responsibilities
4.1 Maintains the Master Database (MDB), Master Category Code Database and Master Education Code Database.
4.2 Accepts Rounds for inclusion into the MDB.
4.3 Reviews submitted Rounds for conformance with established standards and corresponds with Round Authors and Staffers as necessary to insure formats and standards are understood and met.
4.4 Runs the Round verifying program on each Round to verify it is free from format and syntax errors and it is given a unique serial number.
4.5 Suggests changes to the formulas for determining RWUs as necessary.
4.6 Notifies Round Authors of the official acceptance of Rounds, indicating the RWU for each.
4.7 Places and releases holds on Rounds as appropriate for inclusion into Editions and Network Databases.
4.8 Corresponds with the Master Resource Library Manager when there is a conflict with the naming convention between the Resources in the library and the names of resources in Rounds.
4.9 Maintains the Master Category and Master Education Code Databases, suggesting changes to the Category Code Committee when necessary.
4.10 Files periodic status reports as necessary.