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Copyright © 2005 by Pete Antoniak
1 June 2005

1. Title: Resource Library Manager

2. Reports to: CEO/President

3. Compensation: Negotiable

4. Overview: Maintains two major items on the EdUGames hard disk: The Master Resource Library Folder, which may grow into gigabytes, and the Master Resource Database that catalogs the library and provides the links to Authors. The Master Resource Library Manger is the final reviewer before a Resource goes into the Master Resource Library where it may then be copied into an Edition or a Network Resource Library. Errors in Resources are hard to correct once they are copied into Editions and Network Resource Libraries, so one prime duty is to act as official gatekeeper for Resource File acceptance.

5. Responsibilities:

5.1 Maintains the Master Resource Library (MRL) and Master Resource Database (MRDB).
5.2 Issues the Available Resource Status Report, which is available on line to Researchers, Authors, Editors, Game Masters and Staffers.
5.3 Answers questions in regards to Resources availability and Works with Researcher and Authors to determine if and when new resources are needed.
5.4 Refers new Resource requirements to the Head of Resource Development.
5.5 Reviews submitted Resources for conformance with established standards and accepts Resources for inclusion into the MRL.
5.6 Is the final arbitrator of Resource names.
5.7 Advises the Head of Resource Development on how to best create a new Resource.
5.8 Determines the RWUs for submitted resource in accordance with established guide lines.
5.9 Reviews and accepts records into the MRDB.
5.10 Files periodic status reports as necessary
5.11 Insures Resource standards are understood and met.
5.11 Corresponds with Authors, Researchers and Staffers as necessary.