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Robust Board Type Games

The Entertainment Program recognizes that fact that EdUGames is fun to play, just like the board game Trivial Pursuit.  However, because we can use the programming power of the server, the possibility exists of creating robust games which use the underlying EdUGames driver to create points, travel distance or other items of exchange in the overlying game.  A travel board game where players travel along a road and must play Rounds to advance along the road or pay for gas is an obvious example.  The EdUGames Rounds could be tailored to the overlying Game.  An Example might be material about the state the player's board token is in.

Parlor Games

The underlying game can also be used as a driven for a spin-the-bottle type of game in which players are invited to do silly, embarrassing, or risqué things as they play.  The play will be targeted to young adult couples.  An example of a play might be to have one part of a couple with a mouse be blindfold while the other directs mouse movements by using risqué words, or by touching.  Or the loosing couple must shed an article of clothing or kiss the winning couple.  The game could play on the truth or dare scenario. 


The Entertainment revenue model is "pay as you go by credit card". The pricing will probably be a few cents per person per Round and average about $3.00 per hour for the board type game and $6.00 an hour for the Parlor Game.