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EdUGames is a universal knowledge game that has applications in many area.  We have divided our efforts into Programs as follows:


EdUGames in the Schools is a no-brainer.  Some day it will be as common as the black board of the early 20th century. The basic plan is to offer it free to Schools and on a subscription basics to homes.  When we say free, that also means no advertising banners etc.

Corporate Training

EdUGames can complement any corporate training effort.  The revenue model is based on site licenses, service agreements and fee based content creation and training.

Home Schooling

It has been estimated that over ten percent of America's children are being Home Schooled.  EdUGames provides not only an opportunity to tap this potential market for revenue, but more importantly, home schooling parents can become contributing members of the CyberOrganization.

Corporate Schools

For-profit companies that are in the business of providing additional or primary education to students are a good market for the the competitive aspects of EdUGames.  This is especially true for the companies that provide after school education supplements like SCORE.  

The Book, Video and Magazine Connection

Every chapter in a text book could have a Set covering the material presented in it.  The same applies to educational video series like Nova or what you might find on the History or Discovery Channel.  A Set could be created each week covering current events with links back to articles in News Week or Time magazine.  There is a daily Cross word puzzle in the newspaper, why not a daily EdUGames Set in the Internet Edition?

Cross Linking 

The internet allows any site to create a two way link to us.  We can create a game to support any advocacy site such as the Red Cross.  EdUGames can be used to point out facts and figures, or as a tool to get a handle on the knowledge level of a person concerning a specific subject.

Commercial Sites

A commercial site is supported by banner ads specific to the game material such as car insurance or driving school ads for a game on a state driver's license. 

Entertainment Sites

Entertainment Sites recognizes that fact that EdUGames is fun to play, just like the board game Trivial Pursuit.  However, because we can use the programming power of the server, the possibility exists of creating robust games which use the underlying EdUGames driver to create points, travel distance or other items of exchange in the overlying game.

In one of our brain storming sessions, we toyed with the idea of creating an Exotic Game that, although not in itself obscene, creates an erotic atmosphere by challenging couples to explore their own boundaries.