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This is the starting point for understanding the EdUGames CyberOrganization.  It is easy to see how a Teacher can go to the EdUGames web site, select a group of Rounds and create a Teacher's Set to be played by Students.  But extend this further.  Why not also allow a Teacher to go to the EdUGames web site and create Rounds?   Why not allow a book author to create a game patterned on the subject matter of the book?  Why not also also allow a person who is interested in a subject like Star Trek to have a web site devoted to games about Star Trek

The underlying theory of the CyberOrganization is that, in as much as the content is not tangible property, it can not only be sold in CyberSpace, it can also be assembled in CyberSpace.  

You can think of content creation as a process similar to manufacturing a car.  In a car assembly plant you have an assembly line on which a product is moved along a factory floor.  At various stages, people and robots add value to the product.  At various stages people, robots or computers do quality checks.  In the case of EdUGames, the assembly line is the Internet, the product is electronic data and the stages are the EdUGames web server and the computers of the people who are part of the CyberOrganization.

The same applies to the process of creating Sets.  If a Teacher can create a Set over the Internet, so can a Game or Course Master.  In fact there is no reason that any person in the EdUGames CyberOrganization needs to ever come in physical contact with anybody.  This opens up a whole new world of people creating intellectual property and administering a service world wide.  This is an ideal situation for the shut-in or person who wants to live remotely and telecommute.

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