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Our Mission: To convert the world's knowledge base to a game and make it available to Everyone, Everywhere in All Languages.

Our Logo: "Over a tenth of a decade of Traditional American Software!"

Welcome to a unique Internet Knowledge Game that can be tailored to any learning environment, from grade school to corporate training, from simple trivia to PhD level knowledge.  This is not your standard multiple guess game, but a whole new  no-typing-required, multimedia rich environment that is so unique that it carries a US Patent.

The game itself is written in Java to run on any Java enabled browser.  The content for the game (question material, images, sound bytes etc) are maintained at the EdUGames web site.  This means that you don't have to download anything, just play the game.  If you want to do so now, go ahead

  • Our WorldSchool Game is offered free to all schools and libraries.  When we say free we also mean  No Obnoxious Advertising Banners.  FREE! FREE! FREE!.
  • We offer a corporate licenses program and can tailor EdUGames to your specific needs 
  • And we have created a whole CyberOrganization to create, edit and administer the development of the content material and invite you to become part of that.

EdUGames is proud to have recently been awarded the prestigious Keeping America Strong Award from the TV Show The Heartbeat of America staring William Shatner. To see more and view a video of the show: Click Here.

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Pete Antoniak

CEO, EdUGames.com

Contact Information

Chief Programmer:Petera@edugames.com

US 650 952 2375
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8105 Shelter Creek San Bruno, CA 94066- 3829
Electronic mail
Customer Support: Petera@edugames.com