System Update

We are now running on Java 1.5 from Sun Computer and like the look and feel much better.  With the completion of the Authoring Tools and the Set Compellation Tools, Development work has moved over to the Assessment Tools, which are about a third done.  

If you haven't been following along, the Assessment Tools allow a Teacher or Trainer to review the results of multiple game play at one time.  The best example is for GameL Locations, where an unlimited number of player tokens from completed Sets can be seen on one map.  An unanticipated outcome of the use of iCodes in the EdUGames System is that we can replace the tokens with iCodes on the map, and of course, everything can also be color coded.

Major Award for EdUGames

A few weeks ago, the President of the Company, Pete Antoniak, traveled to Southern California to tape a TV show called The Heartbeat of America staring William Shatner.  The whole show was dedicated to the EdUGames concept.  Later, the show's camera men came up to the Bay Area to tape Stanford Students playing the game on campus.  Pete was presented with the "Keeping America Strong Award" by the highly decorated Admiral Delaney.  What's interesting is that Pete went to school with the Admiral many years ago at Annapolis.  They were one year apart.  We will let you know when the show airs.  [Link to a copy of the award]

What's Next

With the completion of the Games, Authoring Tools and Compilation Tools, we are now focusing on content development.  At the same time, we are looking for Corporate involvement.  Everything that applies to schools also applies to corporations.  There is also the realization that what we have is too big to continue without a major player and we are perusing the idea of partnering with some of the major players in the industry, but we can't let you know at this time who they are.