Tab Panels
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EdUGames uses the Tab Metaphor to display and navigate between various parts of the program.  This allow for multiple configurations of the program both in the tabs that are displayed and their order from left to right.  Tab inclusion is controlled by the Applet Parameter "tabConfig" with the desired tabs designated by a CSV list of capital letters.  The order of the tabs from left to right will be the same order as listed.

Example: <PARAM NAME="tabConfig" VALUE="R,C,K,S,G,T">

This setup allow for different game configurations depending on the target users.  For example, A GameMaster's configuration will include Registration and The Game Panel along with the tabs necessary to assemble a Set.  A Teacher's assessment configuration will include Registration and the tabs necessary for assessment.  If users register in a web page, then the Registration Panel may be omitted. The following Applet parameter tell the program to use the long or short name in the tab.

<PARAM NAME="useShortNames" VALUE="true"> 

The following table lists the letter designations for the various tabs.

Letter Short Name Long Name Brief Description
A RevRnds Review Rounds Review results of played Rounds
B RevSets Review Sets Review results of played Sets
C ScrCd Score Card The Score Card for a Set
D Diag DiagnosticPanel Various Diagnostic Tools for the  programmer
E FdBk Feed Back Numerous Forms the users can submit to EdUGames concerning all aspects of the program.
F Game Game All Games are planed in this tab.
G Not Used
H Help Help Self explanatory
I Inst Instructions A Set may include web page instructions and this is where they are displayed.
J SetHist Set History
K SelRnd Select Rounds
L RevRsult Review Results
M MkSet Create Set What the GameMaster uses to create a Set.
P RevPlays Review Plays Used in conjunction with Review Rounds.  Breaks it down to plays
R Reg Register Allows the user to register from the Game program as apposed to a web page.
T Test Test Used by the programmers
W MkWebPg Make Web Page Allows Game Master to create simple web page instructions for inclusion into a Set.
X GetSet DownLoad Set Lets the user download a Set from the program
? Ref Reference Lists references to Rounds etc.