Create A Set Web Page
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Create A Set Web Page

The purpose of this form is to create a Static Web Page to be placed into the Games Directory from a Set that has already been created.

iCode: PassWord:

Place in Common Directory [Only Editors can place Sets in the Common Directory] GameMaster's Web Pages will be in Games/[iCode]/xxx example: Games/PRA1/Boats/..

Set SerNbr:

Target Directory:[No Spaces] [Using "/" will create Subdirectories] Example: Boats/Sailboats

Title: [Spaces Will be removed for fileName, but not title] Example: "Rules Of Racing" will become "RulesOfRacing.html"


Instructions/Comments to appear on the Web Page:

Instructions/Comments to appear in the Applet Registration Panel:

Applet Specific Instructions [One per line, separated by a comma ","]

Example: sendResultsTo,