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EdUGames would fall into the same category of games as Trivial Pursuit, but the way it is played is a lot different. For one thing, we have developed and patented a whole new metaphor for user interaction. No typing is required anywhere in the game, and the game exploits all aspects of multimedia to the fullest.  Web page descriptions of each of the many games are available from the Game Overview page.

EdUGames originally ran on the Mac. But we have rewritten it in Java to run in any Java enabled browser over the Internet.

If you are on a Mac, you will need OS 10.3 or higher running Safari.  You can get the latest version of Java from Apple at:

As with just about everything else on the net, we are presently offering EdUGames for free. It will always be free to schools and libraries, but we eventually plan to make money by charging for home and corporate use.  If you are interested, check out the EdUGames Business Plan.

EdUGames is really a unique Knowledge Based Game as we mentioned above, but the true value of what we are doing is in the ability to create an ever increasing database of material that eventually will address the Whole World's Knowledge Base. We have created a unique way to code every Round so that a Teacher or Game Master may have access to everything and create really challenging and appropriate Sets. We have created a Java based Set Maker to assemble and modify the material for posting back to the EdUGames server by Teachers and Game Masters.

You can read about all this and more in the FAQ's.

We hope you have fun and register with us. You may even want to become an Author, Game Master, or part of our Cyber Organization.