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School registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

Register a School

Q Why register your school?

A You can not register as a Teacher unless your School is registered first.

For Teachers

Q Why register as a Teacher?

A As a Registered Teacher (RT):

1) You can create your own Sets and post them to the EdUGames web site for your Students to play.

2) When your Students play your Set, the results can be emailed back to you.

3) You will be able to download the free Teacher Tools that allow you to pull all those emails into an Excel spreadsheet and review the results, even assign grades automatically.

4) You can use your EdUGames web site to refer your Students to a Game Master's Set with the results being emailed back to you.

Q Explain what a Teacher's Set is and how I, as a teacher, can make one.

A We have created a tool to allow you to select any of the Rounds in the Master Database by ACS Codes, EdCodes, TrivCodes, GeoCodes or Key Words.

You can filter your selection by School Grade level and download your selected Rounds for inspection. You select the Rounds you want and we create a web page at the EdUGames web site that runs your Teacher's Set.

You instruct your Students to play the Set and the results can be emailed back to you.

Q ACS Codes?

A The Antoniak Classification System.  A way of systematically classifying  everything is the world, usually in 10 characters or less.

Q What do the report of students playing a set look like?

A There are 4 selections you can make from None to Detailed. We will provide the tools to allow you to view the results in an Excel Spreadsheet. You can have more data and more ways to view it than you will know what to do with if you want.

Q How much effort is it to use the Excel Spreadsheet?

A You just start Excel, open the tool and point it to the Folder/Directory that contains the emails. It does the rest.

Q What is a Game Master's Set?

A Instead of thousands of teacher spending the time each week to select appropriate Rounds, we hope to have one teacher per subject per grade and if necessary per State create a Set appropriate to the subject matter being covered each week. We call that person a Game Master. There is no limit to the number of Game Masters.

As a Registered Teacher you can redirect your students to the Game Master's Set each week. The results can still be emailed back to you.

A Game Master's Set may also be used for competition.

Q Can I be a Game Master? What are the benefits and how do I apply?

A Yes. Game Masters get a percent of the revenue generated.  Details are available at the Game Master's page.

For Schools

Q What are the benefits to the School?

A Registered Schools can participate in Inter and Intra School Competition.

Q What are the costs?

A It's free to all Schools and Libraries and to Registered Teachers.

Q Free?  How does EdUGames make money at it?

A It's not going to be free to Parents.  If a Student wants to play it at home there will be a small subscription fee payable by credit card.

Q How much is small?

A We want to keep it under $10.00 a month, most likely it will average at around $5.00 a month.

Q Do you plan to advertise?

A Not at the present time. We hate the idea and will only do it if the parent revenue model doesn't work out. The idea of banner adds for candy bars and shoes turns us off. We would, however, entertain things like a local pizza parlors giving free pizza to the winners of Intramural competitions etc.

Q How does competition work?

A In as much as the source material is available to anyone, it doesn't take much effort to organize a competition using the Teacher Set Maker Tools to select the Rounds.  At the present time we are busy getting the material together and the Game Master program set up.

We entertain any suggestions as to how to organize a competition.  Email us at