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Every organization has its positions and a CyberOrganization is no different.  Ours are posted here.

General Position Type Contract Document
Researcher Research Contract
Research Associate (RA) RA Contract
Author Author Contract
Editor Game Master Contract
Volunteer Volunteer Agreement

The following are descriptions of each type of contract in more detail.


You don't have to be a Ph.D. or even have a college degree to be a Researcher.  All you must be able to do is complete a Research Assignment and Email it back to us.  Research Assignments are listed on the Assignment Listing Web Page with hyper links to each Assignment Description.  Assignments may be as simple as completing a table of Civil War Historic Sites or locating points on a screen map using a software tool that we provide.  New assignments are continually being posted.  You start the process by submitting a bid price directly from the applicable hyper linked Research Assignment Description. 

If after the bidding closes, you are selected for an assignment, you will receive a Notice to Proceed (NTP) via Email.  You will receive payment on acceptance of the completed assignment if it is not specified otherwise in the NTP.

It's that simple.

Research Associate (RA)

Research Associates administer the process. They administer Research Assignments, are Program and Project managers and take care of the day to day operation of the EdUGames Organization. They accept responsibilities and are compensated on how much they do.   A listing of RA positions can be found on the Research Associate Positions List Web Page.


Authors receive royalties for their work. Their work can be either  Rounds or Resources.  EdUGames is a little more discriminating in our selection of Authors.   If you are famous, have written books on a subject, or have demonstrated skills as a Researcher, you might be Author material.  The Author program does not start until the 1st Quarter of 2006.

Editors fall into two categories, Round and Resource Editors and Set Editors

Round Editors and Resource Editors review and approve the work of others, just as is done in the book industry.  Project Managers and Technical Managers often act as Editors in the creation of Rounds.

A Set Editor collects Rounds into Sets.  This is not a simple process, because the Rounds must have an overall theme with a balanced point structure etc.  A Course Master or Game Master is a Set Editor.  When a Teacher creates a Teacher's Set, he/she is acting like an Editor.


A Volunteer accepts research and associate assignments in return for the joy of participation and/or the educational value in them. This may be a negotiated agreement in which the Volunteer sets out his or her goals and EdUGames develops a list of assignments that will help the Volunteer accomplish them.

A volunteer position is not a position to be taken lightly.   If an Volunteer fails to live up to his or her part of an agreement, the agreement may be declared null and void by EdUGames and the Volunteer may be barred from any further association with EdUGames.