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Game A: Arrows on Diagrams

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In Game A, players are asked to select one or more letters that are overlaid on a map, drawing or diagram. 

In the first screen, the players in turn are presented with a diagram of a sailboat and are asked to select from the letters A, B and C that are pointing to various parts of the boat.  The Point award for this Game is 100 points.  The question at the top of the screen asks Which is the tiller?  The player names are displayed with Peter "Now Playing:" and Paul and then Mary "Next Up:"  As Peter and then Paul and Mary click on their chosen letters, the player display line moves the names left until the last player chooses.


In the next  screen, the players have completed their selections and the program has evaluated the results by indicating that correct letter [B is blinking].  I has also indicated each player's choice by placing a colored rectangle around the selected letter.  In this case, both Peter and Mary choose letter B [The blue and red rectangle] and split the 100 point award.  Paul choose letter C as the orange rectangle around letter C indicates and got 0 points.

Note to Authors: The arrows are not part of the image, but are overlaid as directed in the Round. This allows the same image to be used in multiple games. 

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