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In Game S, players are challenged to guess the identity of music, or of sound bytes as they are increased in length.  When the player thinks he knows the answer, he should click on the first letter of the last name in the Alpha Bar just under the player names at the top of the screen.  Note: Each player can increase the music or sound by one increment and then must either select an answer or click on the Next Player button.  To prevent random guessing, if a player get a wrong answer, and eventually get it right, the point award will be halved for each wrong answer.

In this first screen, players are asked to identify the composer of the music that can be played by pressing the Play Music button.  The potential points had started out at 100, but Peter has played the music and added a note, which reduced it to 91 points. If he doesn't know the answer he can only press the Next Player button. 

In the next screen, the play has progressed to Mary who know the answer and has pressed the letter "B" in the Alpha Bar.  An Answer Dialog with all the possible answers that start with the letter "B" has appeared.  She is about to select Beethoven-Ludwig van and be awarded 82 points.

Note to Authors:  Game S is a variation of the old Name That Tune parlor game. The sound byte variation can also be used to play non music sound bytes like the actual words of famous people such as:  I shall return! etc.

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