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In Game B, a question is posed to select multiple images or parts of images that best answer the question.  The Rules are that you must get them all correct, or you loose your turn.  If you are playing alone, you get three turns, but the point award is halved after each turn.  The good news is that you will know which answer caused you to loose your turn.  The bad news is that the other players will too.

In the image below, the question is to select the 7 Democrats from the list of US Presidents.  It is Peter's turn and the question if worth 25 points.

In the next image, Peter has selected 5 Presidents as indicated by the 5 blue rectangles around the selections.  He has two more to go however, and he will select Roosevelt-T, which will cause him to loose his turn.

In the next image it's Paul's turn and Paul is in the middle of his selections as indicated by the orange rectangles around three presidents.

In the next image, Paul has completed his selection and won the Round.  He was awarded 25 points and his selections are indicated by the orange rectangles. 

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